John Weir John Weir


President/CEO + Principal Architect

Transparency and collaboration—those are the values that inform John’s work. Since joining the firm in 1992, he has helped enhance MCG’s integrated, team-based approach to design, using a comprehensive project approach that ensures quality design, resource conservation, and client satisfaction. John’s passion for education has led him to manage more than two dozen school projects since joining the firm. He particularly enjoys the challenges and rewards of public projects, using a creative approach to incorporate form and function to meet critical needs.

Michael Carlson Michael Carlson

Michael Carlson, AIA, CCS, REFP

CFO + Principal Architect + Director of Design

Michael has become known as one of Alaska’s most thoughtful designers, as well as an excellent communicator and a responsive project manager. He has designed major public projects throughout the state, including the C Terminal at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport; Nesbett Courthouse; and the Alaska Airlines Center at UAA. Michael’s projects are characterized by innovative design, attention to detail, and a respect for the unique challenges of building in Alaska. His extensive school work is motivated by a desire to create enduring spaces that inspire students to a lifelong love of learning.

Scott Brodt Scott Brodt

Scott Brodt, AIA, LEED AP

Vice President + Principal Architect

Scott has lived and worked in Alaska since 1979. In the course of more than three decades in the state, he has developed longstanding relationships with leading institutions, such as the University of Alaska Anchorage, and he has demonstrated his strong commitment to improving the quality of public architecture. A thoughtful designer with a craftsman’s eye for detail, Scott is sensitive to end users’ specific needs and has an exceptional understanding of the nuances of northern climate construction.

Garrett Burtner Garrett Burtner

Garrett Burtner, AIA

Director of Technology & Innovation + Principal Architect

Raised with winters in Anchorage and summers drift netting in Naknek, Garrett is an Alaskan to the core, a truth that is reflected in his passion for the craft of northern building design. A member of MCG for more than a decade, Garrett has worked on projects all over the state, and he is particularly attentive to the cultural nuances that inform his thoughtful design work. Outside the office, Garrett is active in the community as an artist and volunteer who has worked with the Alaska Design Forum and the International Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Jason Gamache Jason Gamache

Jason Gamache, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C

Director of Sustainability + Principal Architect

Since joining MCG a decade ago, Jason has become the driving force behind MCG’s commitment to sustainable design. He works with clients to realize healthy buildings and indoor environments, putting into action his dedication to improving and applying sustainable strategies in Alaska. Jason’s efforts have resulted in LEED certification for a number of client projects, including the first two LEED-certified schools in Alaska. Away from the office, he chairs the Alaska Green Schools Advocacy Committee and serves on the board of directors of the Cascadia Green Building Council.

Cara Rude Cara Rude


Associate Principal + Director of Interior Design

Born and raised in Alaska, Cara is inspired by the beauty of her home state. She came to MCG in 2015 with holistic experience in design and construction in Alaska. She is passionate about creating contextual space that is a catalyst for healthy living. Cara enjoys building strong client relations and reinforcing the client’s identity through an interactive conceptual phase. Cara is President of the ASID Alaska Chapter and an allied member of the International Living Future Institute. In her free time you might see her running the mountains of Alaska or performing with Anchorage's modern dance community.

Andries N. Wessels Andries N. Wessels

Andries N. Wessels

BIM Technician + Project Assistant

Andries (aka “Nardus”) joined MCG in 2014 and quickly became a valued member of the MCG family. Originally from Reitz, South Africa, he received his undergraduate degree from Arkansas State University (he thought it sounded like a nice place) and eventually made his way north to Alaska. In the studio, Andries is a thorough and efficient BIM Technician who never hesitates to pitch in when needed. Off-hours, he dabbles with guitar, babysits, and enjoys the Alaskan outdoors—fishing, camping, and looking for the nearest scrum.

Chuck Wood Chuck Wood

Chuck Wood

IT Manager

Chuck joined MCG in 1998 as a full-time staff member. Since starting his own IT firm, Chuck now works on contract with MCG and maintains a permanent office on site. His background in corporate, private and entrepreneurial information technology provides critical support for the MCG team, and we rely on his expertise, knowledge and effective management of our systems to keep the firm running smoothly. Chuck keeps us on the cutting edge and ensures we are using the latest technologies to help serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

Corissa Lickingteller Corissa Lickingteller

Corissa Lickingteller

Marketing Coordinator

Corissa came to Alaska nearly 20 years ago, by way of Montana. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree and is a self-proclaimed word-nerd, a lover of things scientific, and has an insatiable curiosity of people, places, and ideas. She is drawn to working with creative people who like to design and build things and has worked in the architecture/engineering/construction industry since arriving here. Having joined MCG in September 2016, her desire to understand and interpret ideas is put to good use. In her off time, she likes to explore the state and build things with her family.

Don Donchak Don Donchak

Don Donchak

BIM Manager + Detailer

Don joined MCG in 1984, and in his three decades with the firm, he has used his expertise in computer-aided drafting to take design concepts and translate them into detailed, accurate models, bringing each project to life for the first time. He is experienced in both architecture and engineering, and his ability to adapt to new technologies allows him to provide guidance and instruction to the MCG team. Don oversees the firm’s standards and participates in continuing professional education to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest AutoCAD software and methods.

Doug Green Doug Green

Doug Green, AIA

Senior Architect

Since he began working with MCG partners in the 1970s, Doug, a lifelong Alaskan, has managed some of the firm’s most complex projects, from a maximum-security prison to a naval submarine testing facility to Anchorage’s Latter-Day Saints temple. While his work has received recognition for technical and design excellence, Doug is motivated by a passion for helping clients address design challenges while meeting the needs of a variety of users and stakeholders. His work ethic and attention to detail help him execute quality projects under strict budgets and timelines.

Easter Taua'ese-Houser Easter Taua'ese-Houser

Easter Taua'ese-Houser

Administrative Assistant

Easter was born and raised in American Samoa and moved to Alaska in 1999. Her Samoan culture and upbringing has fueled her passion for dancing, singing, and cultural arts. She graduated from Alaska Career College in 2015 with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Technology. In her spare time, she enjoys volleyball and softball, and especially hanging out with her kids. She is excited to be a part of the MCG team as the office Administrative Assistant and is the smiling face that is first to greet our visitors.

Evelyn Rousso Evelyn Rousso

Evelyn Rousso, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Architect

Evelyn has nearly 30 years of architecture experience including a decade as a firm owner/principal in Juneau. Her breadth of experience includes educational, institutional, transportation, and housing projects. Active in the community, Evelyn is a longstanding board member of the Alaska Design Forum and a member and volunteer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Alaska Chapter, and co-chaired two AIA Alaska conferences. New to Anchorage, she spends her spare time with her horse, Jenny.

John McCool John McCool

John McCool, AIA, CCS

Senior Architect

Since moving to Alaska in the 1960s to oversee the construction of the Sitka Centennial Building, John has developed a reputation as one of the state’s most knowledgeable and competent architects. John prides himself in keeping up-to-date on the latest innovations in building technology and providing common sense solutions to Alaska building problems. His expertise in the complex, constantly evolving realm of building codes has led numerous public agencies to seek out his guidance. Each of MCG’s projects benefits from John’s oversight and expertise.

Lacie Stiewing Lacie Stiewing

Lacie Stiewing

Senior Project Coordinator

Lacie came to MCG in early 2016 with an extensive background in nonprofit program development. She brings conceptual and methodical thinking to the firm’s project coordination and does everything from accounting to presentation graphics to LEED certification. Outside the office, Lacie is an acclaimed sculptor and well known in the creative community for serving on the International Gallery of Contemporary Art board of directors and working with Sparc: a creative place. In her spare time she enjoys biking with her dog pack.

Melissa Pribyl Melissa Pribyl

Melissa Pribyl, ASID, CDT, WELL AP

Interior Designer

A born and raised Alaskan, Melissa joined MCG’s interior design team in February of 2016. As an interior design professional she creatively emphasizes the way in which the interior environment interacts with its users. Melissa understands the impact culture plays in the design process and enjoys working closely with clients to meet and exceed their needs. Outside of work she enjoys the simple pleasures of the outdoors, socializing with her loved ones, traveling, and painting. Melissa is a member of the ASID Alaska Chapter and the International Living Future Institute.

Michelle Hayworth Michelle Hayworth

Michelle Hayworth

Executive Assistant

Michelle wears many hats—she first came to Alaska as a commercial fisherwoman. With an educational foundation in science, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at UAA. She then went on to get a Master of Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Now she splits time as the Program Director of the Alaska Design Forum and as Executive Assistant at MCG, working on a variety of support tasks, including developing a path for MCG’s new “Object” venture. When she’s not working she enjoys making stuff and playing with Legos with her children.

Mike Berube Mike Berube

Mike Berube


MCG’s resident number-cruncher, Mike ensures business operations stay running smoothly behind the scenes so clients and staff can focus on bringing their design dreams to life. A trusted member of the firm since 2004, he is responsible for managing client accounts as well as internal human resources needs. A transplant from the great state of Minnesota, Mike is a steady and efficient manager who ably balances his office responsibilities with a healthy love for the Vikings—and, of course, hockey.

Nicholas Horn-Rollins Nicholas Horn-Rollins

Nicholas Horn-Rollins

Intern Architect + Designer

Nick first came to MCG as a high school intern. After finishing his graduate studies in 2010 he joined the firm full-time. In the years since his return, Nick has become a key member of our team, both as a skilled designer and as a capable, collaborative project coordinator. His architectural renderings are an invaluable tool in helping our clients communicate their vision for each project to public stakeholders. Nick has experience on a wide range of civic and educational projects, giving him a strong background in every aspect of the design and construction process.

Nate Rochon Nate Rochon

Nate Rochon

BIM Technician + Project Assistant

Meet the next generation of design innovators. A recent University of Alaska Anchorage graduate with a degree in Architectural and Engineering Technology, he continues to attend classes part-time while working toward a second degree, a BA in Philosophy. Nate has been working with the MCG team for almost five years, since his senior year of high school. Nate eagerly contributes to project work in a variety of capacities.

Willie Zamora Willie Zamora

Willie Zamora

Intern Architect + Designer

Willie joined MCG almost 20 years ago and in his years with the firm he has excelled as a leader in our production studio. An efficient and organized manager, he is responsible for documenting our highest-profile projects from design phase through construction. His dedication and perpetual high spirits have earned him the respect and appreciation of his MCG colleagues, as well as the clients whose projects he has helped shepherd to success. Willie’s commitment to excellence has been instrumental in helping MCG foster productive long-term relationships with our clients.