Object_Arctic Entry

Sheltering from the cold, buffering the warm inner sanctum of the home, the arctic entry is an architectural expression of northern climate and culture.  The Object_ design team is focusing on outfitting arctic entry spaces with tools, furniture and accessories that support contemporary northern lifestyles.

Tools of the North

originalOur new designs – object_scraper, object_hang-up, object_pin-up, object_pocket, and object_bench – are available now.

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The landscapes and lifestyles of northern regions are uniquely challenging and beautiful. As designers in the north we are inspired by the rich, cool, textured materiality of stone, lichen, fur, leaf, ice, wood, bone… We seek balance between the deep, still, sparkling winter darkness and the intense, urgent, bursting rush of summer light and growth.

The North is pragmatic; tools are essential for survival.

The North is poetic; beauty sustains us in hard times.

With object we are exploring both the necessary tools of the North and the quest for beautiful objects that may elevate our everyday experiences to the sublime.