MCG Launches Transparency Initiative

MCG is dedicated to making informed decisions regarding the building materials used in our projects. The newly expanded Interiors Department at MCG has launched a Transparency Initiative encouraging manufacturers to declare all of the contents within their products (harmful, benign, and neutral). When MCG specifies materials for a building, we want to make sure the decisions we make at MCG affect human health and the interior atmosphere in a positive way, with no negative or damaging effects.

MCG is currently working with local and regional product representatives, local and national American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), as well as national International Living Futures Institute (ILFI) to help support these transparency goals.

The first tool provided to vendors is the Health Product Declaration Standard (HPD), an easy-to-reference that systematizes reporting languages enabling consistent disclosure of building product content and associated health information. HPD and other resources can be found at We are urging our vendors to complete, and make publicly available an HPD for each of their products.

The second tool MCG will use is the ‘Declare Label’ from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) which provides product chemical transparency in support of the Living Building Challenge Red List and Appropriate Sourcing Imperatives.

MCG is also recommending product vendors complete a free, online Green Wizard or Pharos Project profile for primary product lines and to upload the HPD. These organizations provide MCG the ability to track, manage, and assign products to specific projects, while allowing the quick sharing of information across the firm and with contractors.

Our hope is to integrate the comprehensive health and environmental product information provided by complete HPDs into our daily practice. MCG is dedicated to creating built environments that are Red List Free and this campaign is the story of how we are doing that, and is a resource for others to do the same.